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Hi Guys, my new single called „This Heart” is due to premiere on June 12.

Here’s the thing – as much as I love modern technology and how it’s enabled whole groups of creative people to express themselves through artistic media which back in the day used to be accessible to the select few, these days it’s also super hard to get you’re voice heard. Not only are you competing with millions of super-talented and skilled artists – you’re competing with Donald Trump, Brexit, Funny Cat, football, everything. It’s huge static you’re up against and no artist can expect an even playing field there.

That’s why I’d like to invite you to join my mailing lists. I’m not a spammer. I won’t send a newsletter often, and when I do, it’s either going to be a premiere, or a gig close to where you live. But if you sign up for my newsletter you make sure I won’t disappear out of sight.

Lastly. the first 20 people who sign up will receive Bandcamp codes for This Heart and will be able to download the single for free.


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