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Recently, my street has turned into a never-ending string of cars. People stuck in their cars are a sad spectacle, which I know for a fact, because I’m one of them every time I travel back from work. And when I’m stuck, I yearn for anything that could make my imagination work. I look into tenements’ windows and at balconies for any sight of life. So, when I finally got home the other day, I decided I would take my machinery onto the balcony and play a track. Obviously, nobody head it, but at least a few faces had something to stare at while bored to death behind the steering wheels. Here’s what I played.

The sample that this track revolves around is from Fingerspit’s wonderful The Red Strings Club Original Soundtrack (by Deconstructeam). I gotta admit I haven’t played the game just yet, but I own the soundtrack and it’s absolutely amazing. Be sure to check it out.