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I missed a step once in life and I’ve been walking crookedly ever since.

Marek Hłasko

Bad Lot is an outsider house ballad for the misfits. It’s about the feeling that no matter what decisions you make in life, in the long run, you always end up repeating the same actions. You just expect different result every time.

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The picture I had in my head when writing and recording this song, was that of the beautiful people sitting on window panes, exposing their skin to the soothing rays of April sun. And underneath, the storefronts all boarded up to prevent thieves from getting in.

I can’t do much to help out in the current situation. The one thing I can do is sing about it. And man… there’s so much to sing about. There’s this undying optimism and firmness some people are showing. It’s something that I, with my innate tendency towards second-guessing find so genuinely amazing. There’s readiness to help. There’s compassion and understanding.

But then there’s the ugly too. The more time we spend indoors, the wilder the conspiracy theories floating around become. It was 5G yesterday, it’s Bill Gates now. What’s it gonna be tomorrow?

And there’s greed and opportunism of those who were just waiting for something like this to happen so that they could get the justification for their particular, selfish interests.

But hey, it’s not a weeping song. Not at all. If it resonates with you in any way, feel free to share it.


Blood Will Tell is outsider pop set against the backdrop of a tribal acidic house crawler. Its steady vocal narrative acts as a beacon, leading the listener safely through an otherwise hostile, bass-heavy urban territory consumed by populist politics.

The single consists of the original mix and a remix from Vermont’s finest Silence_castor.


If the song resonates with you in any way, meaningful or meaningless, feel free to express it in the comments. It’s going to make a wonderful read to me.

Written performed and mixed by Kuba Kubica
Mastered by Jarosław „JARO” Baran
Cover artwork by Michał Dziadkowiec
Barbican video footage by Tom Chapman


My collaboration with Schlepp Geist is out on Distillery Records. You can listen to Dust EP in all major digital stores.

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This Heart is a dream house tune cut out for outsider discos for the introvert. The kind of parties you only end up at by accident and only if you’re in a David Lynch movie. Or an indie adventure game like Kentucky Route Zero.

Imagine a summer night. You exit the dark highway and enter the woods. At the end of a narrow forest road you see a barn all lid up. Inside, there are all those beautiful misfits dancing with their eyes closed. What you hear coming from the speakers is an emotional dance tune in which a dreamy piano and confessional vocals are tangled in sparkling synths and swinging house beat – This Heart.






This Heart to dream house’owa melodia skrojony na miarę outsiderskich dyskotek dla introwertyków. Takich, na które trafia się tylko przez przypadek, i tylko w filmach Davida Lyncha albo grach pokroju Kentucky Route Zero.

Wyobraź sobie lipcową noc. Od wielu godzin jedziesz pustą autostradą, aż nagle, w przypływie dziwnego kaprysu, skręcasz w zjazd który wiedzie wprost do gęstego lasu. Na końcu leśnej drogi, Twoim oczom ukazuje się oświetlona setką żarówek drewniana chata w której tańczą zagubieni w myślach piękni odszczepieńcy. Z głośników rozlega się emocjonalna piosenka parkietowa, w której senne pianino i konfesyjny śpiew oplatają ze wszystkich stron iskrzące się syntezatory i swingujący house’owy beat – This Heart.




Hi Guys, my new single called „This Heart” is due to premiere on June 12.

Here’s the thing – as much as I love modern technology and how it’s enabled whole groups of creative people to express themselves through artistic media which back in the day used to be accessible to the select few, these days it’s also super hard to get you’re voice heard. Not only are you competing with millions of super-talented and skilled artists – you’re competing with Donald Trump, Brexit, Funny Cat, football, everything. It’s huge static you’re up against and no artist can expect an even playing field there.

That’s why I’d like to invite you to join my mailing lists. I’m not a spammer. I won’t send a newsletter often, and when I do, it’s either going to be a premiere, or a gig close to where you live. But if you sign up for my newsletter you make sure I won’t disappear out of sight.

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“The Middlewest. The wind is so violent here. I hate it”, plus three beautiful drawings – a close-up on a teenage boy.

It’s probably the most evocative and emotional comic book opening I’ve ever seen. Middlewest is a gripping tale of a boy making a run for it. Getting away from his resentful father, whose anger turns him into an unstoppable force of nature – a raging tornado that roams the beautiful Midwestern landscapes. Accompanied by a witty and talkative fox, the boy slowly discovers the same anger he’s running away from is slowly taking him over too.

If you’ve not had the chance to read Middlewest I strongly suggest you do. In the meantime, I thought I’d share my musical impression of the comic book and recorded this short track outside at my balcony. I used a sample from Jeff Russo’s heartbreaking “What Remains of Edith Finch” score, as I found the two (Middlewest and WRoEF) somehow similar in how they narrate the darker aspects of the coming of age theme. Since the storm plays such a vital part in Middlewest, I thought it’d be fit to place this reverberated Analog RYTM base at the center stage. Obviously, I focused on the dark undercurrent that runs throughout the story.

Sorry for the blurred video, but I was in a rush to have this jam recorded before the real storm got to me. And it eventually did.



Recently, my street has turned into a never-ending string of cars. People stuck in their cars are a sad spectacle, which I know for a fact, because I’m one of them every time I travel back from work. And when I’m stuck, I yearn for anything that could make my imagination work. I look into tenements’ windows and at balconies for any sight of life. So, when I finally got home the other day, I decided I would take my machinery onto the balcony and play a track. Obviously, nobody head it, but at least a few faces had something to stare at while bored to death behind the steering wheels. Here’s what I played.

The sample that this track revolves around is from Fingerspit’s wonderful The Red Strings Club Original Soundtrack (by Deconstructeam). I gotta admit I haven’t played the game just yet, but I own the soundtrack and it’s absolutely amazing. Be sure to check it out.




Hi Guys,

You may not have noticed it, but for some time now I’ve become quite active at my YouTube Channel. Therein, I try to post videos of jams, lives and fresh ideas of tracks regularly. Here’s a link to a playlist featuring all my latest jams. Most of them fall into the DIGITAKT WISDOM category (long story short, just me and my sampler getting philosophical about things), but there are other types as well.

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OUT OF PHASE – new version, old (but gold) video

Here it is then. For a long time I felt like I needed to re-record Out of Phase and I finally did it for the „Ambient Pressure” album. The video though is something I would never dream of redoing, so I decided to put them together and upload on YouTube. Enjoy the ride!